Reducing Infringements

People everywhere are saying great things about the SE5000 Exakt Duo2.

Fewer infringements, more reasons to choose Duo2.

Join the hauliers across Europe already enjoying a significant reduction in their infringements thanks to our Duo technology.

Having examined data from 108 drivers over 90 days of similar driving with and without Duo technology, we found a 60%* reduction in total infringements – the kind of results that would put a smile on any operators face. And it’s these real reductions in infringements that can make a real difference to your business.  And with the SE5000 Exakt Duo2 tachograph, you too can keep your fleet compliant, your fines down and your working days hassle-free.


The simple solution to infringements and fines.

Our Duo technology provides real-time updates on driving and rest times to help drivers track their journeys, make informed decisions and stay the right side of legislation. And with fewer infringements, you’ll enjoy noticeable reductions in the fines you face – saving your business valuable capital.

For a hassle-free, efficient fleet.

Reducing your infringements also helps you avoid becoming a target for the authorities. As the more penalties your fleet accrues, the more likely they are to be stopped, which can cost you and your drivers valuable time on the road. But by introducing the Duo technology in the Exakt Duo2 to your fleet, you’ll be able to keep infringements at a minimum, your Operator Compliance Risk Score down and your vehicles moving.

Where Duo can make a difference

The introduction of Duo technology to your fleet can help lower infringements across the board.


Infringement DescriptionReduction
Breaks from Driving (4.5 hour)67%
No daily rest in 24 hour period48%
Daily driving61%
>3 reduced daily rests24%
Extended daily driving (>2 times a week)61%
Weekly rest46%
Two weekly driving (max 90 hours)82%
Two weekly rest73%

*By implementing unique screens in the latest SE5000 to provide extra information to drivers, infringements in a sample of real data taken from 108 drivers, examined over 180 days using any digital tachograph manufactured prior to April 2012 for 90 days, followed by an SE5000 Rev 7.4 or 7.5 for 90 days, showed a 60% reduction in actual infringements.