SE5000 Training

From how to insert a driver’s card or change a paper roll, through to how to set ferry breaks, we aim to provide all the answers you need. The training scenarios are valid for both the SE5000 Exakt Duo and the SE5000 Exakt Duo2 versions of the tachograph. (Although some steps may also be valid for older versions, we cannot guarantee that this is always the case.)

100 helpful videos on our YouTube channel

Did you know we now have over 100 ‘how to’ videos on our YouTube channel? We have some digital tachograph training videos for drivers and fleet managers, showing you how easy the SE5000 Exakt Duois to use. Visit our YouTube channel.

Video and Instructions

How to withdraw a driver card

How to withdraw a driver card correctly from the tachograph.

Video and Instructions

How to insert a driver card

Details of how to insert a driver card correctly into the tachograph.

Video and Instructions

How to download VU data

In line with the law it is necessary to download and store VU data.


How to change default Activity

When the vehicle is stopped the tachograph will revert to the default activity, often Work. This activity can be changed manually to Work, Rest or Available for the driver and co-driver.


How to enter manual entries

A 24 hour printout may be needed if you are stopped by the authorities.


How to lock in/lock out

It is good practice to lock-in/lock out tachograph data for data protection purposes.


How to set ferry breaks

Before starting a journey by ferry or train, the Ferry/Train activity needs to be selected in order for the journey to be recorded on the driver card.


How to set activity when switching ignition key off

How to choose an Activity to be automatically selected when switching the ignition key off.


How to keep track of when to take a break

Drivers can check when their next break is due on the tachograph in order to stay in line with the Drivers’ Hours Law (561/2006).

Video and Instructions

How to change a paper roll

The steps required for changing a tachograph paper roll.


How to use Duo

A handy guide to the features, screens and warnings the SE5000 tachograph gives you.


How to do printouts

A 24 hour printout may be necessary if stopped by the authorities.