Free Mobile Apps

You asked. We delivered. Together, we make the perfect Duo.

We’ve created two free Android apps to make life even easier for you. To use our apps, you will need a Tacho Link dongle* to enable your digital tachograph to connect with your Android phone via a Bluetooth connection.

* Purchase your Tacho Link dongle here.

“The apps and the Tacho Link dongle are easy to use, fast and offer a great and secure solution for downloading.”

Aronssohns Åkeri – Mikael Aronssohn, CEO


Duo Mobile (Android)











After listening to feedback from drivers, we created Duo Mobile, a free app that delivers all the benefits of Duo technology on your phone. With this intuitive app installed, your phone syncs with the SE5000 Exakt Duo, giving you a second Duo display. That means you get real-time updates – including drive and rest time countdowns, as well as handy warnings to help keep you legal – on your phone screen.

The Duo Mobile app has been recently updated to support the new features of the SE5000 Exakt Duo2 digital tachograph: Working Time Directive calculations and real-time Ferry/Train mode support.

Tacho Center (Android)










Compatible with any EU Type Approved digital tachograph, our innovative free app Tacho Center enables you to manage all your tachograph data wirelessly. That means you can download driver card and vehicle unit data to your phone without all the hassle of attaching wires or download equipment.

What’s more, Tacho Center tells you exactly when you last downloaded data for a particular driver or vehicle, so you can continue to manage your fleet effectively. And, once information has been transferred to your phone, you can then email it to any computer so it’s safely stored, or send it straight to your OPTAC tachograph analysis software. Now that’s intelligent Swedish engineering!

Please note that by proceeding to download the Tacho Center and Duo Mobile software you agree to the terms of our End User Licence Agreement (EULA). A copy of which can be found here.

If you have any questions, please check out the Duo Mobile FAQs or Tacho Link FAQs.

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