Workshop - Annex 1C

As a workshop you will need to prepare for the introduction of the smart tachograph including product upgrades as well as new products and equipment.

Programming, Calibration and Testing

Smart tachographs need to be configured, programmed and calibrated, like 1B tachographs.

Our wireless Optimo2 workshop tool aims to deliver everything you need for configuring, programming and calibrating smart tachographs.

Optimo2 is regularly updated to meet the requirements of the ever changing tachograph marketplace and is being updated in order to satisfy all the requirements for the smart tachograph in the workshop environment.

This includes the correct testing procedure for the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) feature, as well as testing the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) module*, designed for remote communication with enforcement authorities.

Certificates and Plaques

Our CITO2 workshop software for generating necessary certificates and plaques for tachograph calibration will also be updated. The new plaques will hold more information and will have to be larger, however we plan to use the same printers.


There will be new seals which will have a unique identification number allocated by the manufacturer. These will be fully traceable from manufacturer to installer. We plan to provide the new seals and distribute them through our workshop network.

Workshops will need to register the use of the seal after calibration. The seal number used at calibration must be recorded on the vehicle calibration plaque.

Workshop Cards

All workshop technicians must be issued with a new workshop card and have attended a 1C training course before being able to work with a smart tachograph.

Training Courses

You will only be able to calibrate smart tachographs after completion of an approved course. All workshop technicians should complete a 1C smart tachograph training course to learn how to calibrate the new smart tachograph legally.

*In conjunction with a DSRC tester.