Driver - Annex 1C

Driver Smart Cards

As a driver, you may receive a new tachograph driver card that will record the additional information under the new legislation. This includes the data for the Start/End point, improvements to ferry mode, and recording the new events and faults.

The new card will work in all tachographs (including 1B current tachographs), and will record the new set of data as well as the data it collects now.

Current driver cards will work in smart tachographs, but will only record the driving set that applies to current legislation. It will be legally permitted to use current cards in a smart tachograph, but you will only be able to replace them with new smart driver cards.

Training and Support

You may need to familiarise yourself with the new tachograph, although no formal re-training will be required. We will make sure that appropriate training material is available in the Support and Training sections to get you ready to drive as quickly as possible.